You can see and solve the homework your teacher gave you on this page. You will need a four-digit key and the name of your class. If you don't know your key yet, ask your teacher. One key belongs to one teacher and it never changes.

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  • You can't do your homework after the deadline. You find the deadline under the task cards.
  • You will receive a key and the class from your teacher. By ticking the box your browser may remember it and you don't have to type it in each time.
  • On iOS devices preferably use Safari browser because it supports the maximal use of the available screen.
  • After solving an exercise, you can proceed by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner. Your solution will only be sent to your teacher if you click on the arrow after your last exercise.
  • A minute after the exercise began, the skip/give up button becomes clickable. Its use will appear in your results.
  • Please do not refresh the page while you are doing your homework because your earlier results will be lost.
  • Your teacher receives the following data about your homework:
    • When did you made the homework;
    • How many times did you listen to an exercise;
    • How many incorrect solutions you had;
    • How much time you spent by solving the exercises.
  • You can redo the exercises anytime until the deadline. Practice an exercise more to improve yourself faster!