You can find and access the homework your teacher sets you on this page. You will need a four-digit key and your class name. If you do not have this information, contact your teacher.

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  • You cannot complete homework once the deadline has passed. You can find the completion date under the task cards.
  • You will receive details of your class and key from your teacher. You can opt to save your details so that you do not need to enter your details each time you visit.
  • On iOS devices, it is recommended that you use Safari to access this site for optimum performance.
  • Once you have completed an exercise, you should click on the arrow in the top right of your screen. If you do not click this arrow, your teacher will not receive your work.
  • Once one minute has passed, the skip button will be enabled. Using this option will be included in your results.
  • Please do not refresh the page as this will delete your previous answers.
  • Your teacher will receive the following information on your homework:
    • The date you completed the work;
    • How many times you listened to an excerpt;
    • How many mistakes you made;
    • How much time you spent on each exercise.
  • You can re-do the exercises as much as you like before the deadline. Having another go can help you improve your results in a faster time!