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Musicators started as a passion project in 2018 to experiment with digital devices in music education. Since then, we bring together music teachers from all around the world to share their music and knowledge with their students and colleagues. We started with three different exercise types but since then, we introduced six more along with the feature to automatically generate exercises from a score. We are happy to serve thousands of users daily with hundreds of exercises to pass on the world's musical heritage to next generations.

Daniel Bali

I graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music as music teacher in 2016. Originally, programming was my hobby, but now­adays developing websites has become my main profession. I created Musicators combining these two passions of mine, which I constantly develop and manage.

Bali Daniel

Daniel Molnár PHD

I graduated as a history teacher from Uni­versity Eötvös Loránd, where I defended my PhD about musical theater in 2017. Since then, I am working as curator and stage director. I am in charge for the visual and brand identity of Musi­cators.

Molnár Daniel

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