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We launched our memory app
Jön a kocsi, most érkeztünk
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A tamási sorozóra
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Adbelazar: Rondeau
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Zúg az erdő, zúg a mező
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Elmentem a piacra
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Who are We?

The founders of :|Musicators are teachers devoted to digital education.
Our goal is to help fellow music teachers
and make their musical exercises more appealing to the students.
Our web app is free, all you need is a computer to use it.

Customizable exercises

Choose any* piece of music and create tests to develop music skills in minutes. Combine different musical competencies like listening, rhythm and melody.

Work together and individually

Use your tests on an interactive whiteboard, but your students can also do the exercises on their smartphones or other gadgets.

Share with the community

Share your tests with your colleagues or publish them in the community of teachers. Browse, use and personalize tests adjusting them to the skills of your students.

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Try it!

Music puzzle

Upload a music score*,
then simply slice it to make a puzzle!
You can also provide an audio file for listening.

Notation with piano

Similar to the solmization type,
but instead of solfa buttons
the melody should be marked using a piano keyboard.

Rhythm cards

Rhythm exercises do not even require scores.
You can make your own rhythm cards with the editor,
which your students can easily assemble.

Solfa name

Melody notation could not be easier since the rhythm is there,
and pitches should be marked with solfa names.
For pitches with accidentals simple drag the buttons.

Rhythm notation

It helps to develop music notation and rhythm hearing skills.
The students have to notate the rhythm
of the heard pattern.

Melody notation

Helps to develop music notation and melody hearing skills.
The students have to mark the pitches
of the heard melody.

Rhythm name

Enter the rhythm and the students can start to
write the rhythm names under the notes.
Combined rhythms can be entered with dragging.


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* You may only upload sheet music if you possess the rights of using them