Publishing policies

To publish an exercise set and make it accessible for other teachers around the world, it has to meet some requirements. These aspects are collected below, please read it carefully before sending your request of publishing an exercise set.


According to international copyright laws, a work will be only become public domain 70 years after the death of its author.
We cannot publish copyrighted material. This concerns both the composer and the lyricist. If the piece of music is not copyrighted but the text is (e. g. in case of translations), the text cannot appear in the score, nor in the description.

Note for moderators:

If only the lyrics are copyrighted, please choose 'Pending'!


If the exercise set a copy without major changes or there are several exercises from that particular piece of music we can refuse your application for publishing.

Cover picture

If the exercise set is marked as a study, it does not have to have a cover picture. In all other cases, please ensure that the picture you select matches that of the exercise set. It is the creator's responsibility to check the copyright of any pictures he uploads.


Be careful to add a title and description to the exercise set accurately. In the case of art music, the composer's name should not appear here - it will be added to it automatically. Titles should not contain the word 'copy' and should not end with three dots.

Proper description

If the music has lyrics, they should appear here, unless it is protected by copyright. If the exercise set requires an explanation, it should also appear here.

Correct score

The score should not contain pitch and rhythm errors. It's recommended to play the score to check.

Layout of score

The score should be logically articulated (e.g. line breaks in case of folk songs). Check the line breaks and the sizing of the score!
In Notation Jigsaw the layout shall be maximized so the score can cover a larger area. In the rest of the exercises we recommend a smaller size to make most of the score visible without scrolling (in case of 4 or more lines).


The order and difficulty of exercises are in a logical order and the set can be useful for other teachers too. Includes the moderation of the Experience if it is set.


The creator labeled the exercise set properly on the Properties panel (according to General, Rhythm and Pitch categories).

Difficulty level

Have you selected the correct level of difficulty? Specialist music education might want to consider selecting 1-3 levels higher, depending on the standard of their students.

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